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Every home is different and therefore I never have one standard marketing plan. I customize my marketing package for each of my listings based on how I can best showcase the property. Below are some of the many different resources I use when preparing my marketing plan for your home.

Staging Consultation - Great features can be missed, or prospective buyers may mis-judge the size of a room based solely on furniture placement of a cluttered perception. Prior to listing, one of my professional stagers will visit your home for a complimentary consultation and provide you with a full report, room by room, in a simple checklist format.  This will help us prepare your home to appeal to the largest number of potential buyers. Home staging allows the best features of your home and each room’s space to be highlighted.  Proper home staging typically only takes a few hours, to make the process quicker I suggest de-cluttering and removing some items from your home before hand.

The few hours spent to properly prepare your home will often result in a higher selling price than a home that did not go through the staging process.

Professional photography - Once the home has been professional staged and prepared, my photographer is ready to highlight your home at its best.  Skilled at residential photography, they will be sure to capture the best angles of your home in the best lighting available (please make sure all lightbulbs work). There is nothing worse than over promising and under delivering. As soon as a buyer feels deceived, it’s immediately over. I will not take iphone images or wide-angle lenses that distort rooms and backyards. The images taken of your beautiful home are high quality HDR photos, that show every detail. 

This is an incredibly important piece of marketing and I take so much pride in making sure the images are a perfect representation of your home that will attract buyers online. 

RMS Measurements & Floorplans - Insured measurements completed with detailed floorplans.

The Real Estate Council of Alberta implemented the RMS (Residential Measurement Standards) to help protect the homeowner and the consumer when it comes to the size of your home. I hire a professional to come and take your measurements so that we know that they are done correctly!

This is also an important part of marketing your home. With so many decisions being made online, we want to ensure buyers have as much information as possible so they can decide if your home is a potential fit for them. There is nothing worse than spending hours cleaning and preparing your home for a showing, only to have the buyers say afterwards they were not a fan of the layout. To help avoid this, a state-of-the-art camera will scan your home and create floor plans.

Virtual Tours - Virtual tours can be a great qualifying tool for buyers.

This is such a fantastic marketing tool for your home. Technology has come so far in this department and I will often tell my Sellers that if the buyer has viewed the virtual tour online, when they request to view your home you could almost consider it to be like a second showing. The virtual tour that we create for your home is of exceptional quality and I believe to be a very accurate representation of your home. It truly allows the buyer to navigate through your home and have a clear understanding of the layout and finishing’s of your home without even having stepped through the front door!

This inevitably results in more serious buyers who request to view your home! 

Custom Property Brochures - My brochures are professionally designed for your property by CIR in-house graphic designers.  Brochures are made available to potential buyers to be viewed during their home visit.  I will highlight many of the key features of your home to ensure that many of the benefits are not missed.  Brochures and feature sheets for your home are used across multiple websites and other marketing purposes.

Professional Write Up - Buyers actually do read these!

While there is always time for warm and fuzzy, it's imperative that I outline all the wonderful features of your home as this is another way to show value to the buyers who are looking. 

Online Exposure - I utilize all of the online services available to promote your home and will invest extensively into online mediums to maximize your exposure to potential buyers.

These include: MLS,, Coming Soon, Personal website, CIR Brokerage website, CIR Bluestream & CIR Live, Facebook, Instagram, Kijiji, Adwerx, and other Social Media Ad Campaigns.

With there being so many fantastic social media platforms available, I will do my best to post and share your beautiful listing with the world. I can also forward you the link to be able to do the same because who doesn't want to show off their home with their friends and family?

I will also create custom social media posts to highlight your property including ‘new listing’, open house and if needed, price reduction. 

Our favourite post comes from when we proudly showcase that your home is SOLD!

Showings - I am just as focused on selling your home as you are.  I will work with you to allow access to your home during times that are mutually agreeable for both yourself and any potential clients.  We can let you know all viewing requests by phone, email or text, whichever you prefer.

Showing/Feedback Service - After every viewing, I will request and gather feedback from realtors that have taken potential buyers through your property.  I will provide all of this feedback and suggestions that I receive and work with you to make any accommodations, adjustments or deal with any concerns that arise, helping you to sell your home faster.

Open Houses - Showing your home may include hosting an open house.  This allows for potential buyers to view your home during a certain day and time, reducing multiple appointment requests and the inconvenience of leaving your home on multiple occasions.

Agent Tours - A realtor tour allows other local agents the opportunity to view your home for their potential buyers and to ensure they are aware of the features and benefits of your home.

Client Care – I treat every home purchase or sale as though it was a member of my own family.  I am dedicated to ensuring you are satisfied with the whole process.

Market Reviews - I promise I will not put up a “For Sale” sign and walk away. You will hear from me regularly with market reviews and updates. Together, we will come up with a plan as to how you would like to be kept up to date as to what is going on around you.

This is just a quick snapshot of a few of the personal services that I am prepared to do to get your home sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Every home is unique, so I do my best to customize my marketing plan for every home.

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